Sunday, March 22, 2009

Telangana... Te langa na ... Telan gana ... Telugu gana .. Telugugana

Telangana... Te langa na ...Telan gana ...Telugu gana .. Telugugana ( in political arena) -- Fuming and fretting of Peasant Shankar Dada

Fouling mouth, wandering leg won't keep quiet.Idle brain is house of devils.I can add one more thing - writing hand also won't keep quiet.If idle brain has the habit of writing then result could be these kind of posts.I want to discuss few recent and blatant improvements on telangana.

Telangana - this 9  letter word in english, 4 letter word in telugu, 10 districts in andhra pradesh region is always as fresh as blood in veins.I strongly feel that I deserve the right to write or fight on telangana.

Telangana is group of 10 districts. Which includes warangal, karimnagar, nizamabad, adilabad, medak, mahaboob nagar, nalgonda, khammam, hyderabad and Rangareddy.This telangana was ruled by Nizam.It got independence in 1948 even though India got independence in 1947.States are formed based on linguistic basis.For this purpose State Reorganization commission was formed in Nehru's ruling.It was headed by Fazal Ali.It also called Fazal ali commisson.

State Reorganization Commison(SRC) was not supporting merger of telangana with Andhra.They have doubts about the following things.

1.Major revenue is from Telangana but it could be misutilized.
2.Rivers Krishna and Godavari are heading from Telangana but dams could be constructed in Andhra.
3.Major portion of jobs can be filled by Andhra People as telanga area is backwarded.

Ignoring all these considerations Andhra Pradesh was formed on 1st Nov 1956.Gentelmen's agreement provided with telangana and andhra members with guide lines of Telanga and Andhra development.

Telanga was quiet for nearly 15 years.The first turmoil was in 1969.

It was 1969.A great turmoil in the state.It started in Osmania University, Hyderabad.Telangana people are in despair that all guide lines , terms and conditions mentioned in Gentlemen' s agreement were not implemented properly.Many people took active role in that agitation.It is historical violent agitation in history.It took lives of 360 people.Leader from congress Marri Chenna Reddy formed Telangana Praja Samiti and contested in 1971 loksabha elections.It won 10 out of 11 parliament seats.

But after that in 1971 Telangana Praja Samiti merged with Congress.Telangana agitation disappeared.Marri Chenna Reddy announced that "As there is no sincerity and honest in cadre.No dedication of the cadre towards Telangana agitation.So we are merging this party with congress". After that Marri Chenna Reddys role.

Governor of Uttara Pradesh  ( 1974 - 1977).
Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh ( 1978 - 1980).
Governor of Punjab ( 1982 - 1983).
Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh ( 1989 - 1990).
Governor of Rajasthan ( 1992 - 1993).
Governor of Tamilnadu (1993 - till death).

Still I wonder whether he is boon of Telangana people or curse of telangana people.This was first 
and major blow to Telangana.Many people including supporters and sympathisers of Indira Gandhi strongly believe that she succeded in supressing telangana agitation.

Wounded telanga is getting soothed.Ofcourse meanwhile many changes and miracles happened on Andhra Politics.In 1983 Rama Rao plunged into politics.The foray of this messiah of masses give huge success and became chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.As every one aware after NTR became chief Minister he was removed from the seat by Nadendla Bhaskar Rao.Again there is agitation , assembly dissolved and re elections. NTR became chief minister second time.

NTR was chief Minister during term 1983 - 1984 
Nadendla Bhaskar Rao (1984 Aug - 1984 sep )
NTR (1984 - 1989).

After that 3 chief Ministers in between 1989  - 1994.

Marri Chenna Reddy ( 1989 - 1990)
Nedurimalli Janardhan Reddy ( 1990 - 1992)
Kotla Vijayabhaskar Reddy ( 1992 - 1994).

Again RamaRao back to Chief Minister's office with 2rs for Kg rice, probation of  alchol.

NTR (1994 - 1995)

Again NTR was removed from his seath.Some believe it is revolution others belive it is backstabbing.Still people drag Chandra Babu Naid to mud for that backstabbing.

Chandra Babu Naidu (1995 - 1999). 

But this time people also ignored NTR for loosing his CM post.It could be because of  no support of family members (so called ).People might have not digested the fact of his second marriage with Laxmi Parvati.It could be people took it easy.

NTR unveiled the treachery of Chandra Babu Naidu.He shouted again contested in subsequent 1996 parliament elections with Lion Symbol.As symbol didn't reach the public or he is not able to campaign because of health or any reason he couldn't make impression in politics.Very soon he died of heart attack.After his death again people made him hero.Many people exploited his name for many reasons.Some of them for mileage in cinemas and others in politics.His last chapter was very tragedy.Some people believe that he had procession in tirumala streets which can be done only for Lord Venkateshwara.That could also be curse for his action.Whatever it may be rest is past.

Now Chandra Babu era begins.I don't discuss many things about Chandra babu here as this post is related to telangana.Chandra babu has his own impression on Telugu Desam Party and Andhra Pradesh.He started implementing economic reforms.He tried to succedd attract foreign investments to AP some extent.He was renowned as Hitech Chief Minister, great administrator, apara Chankya, good leader.Most of the middle class people , youth appreciated his thoughts and encouraged and supported him.Time is not same for all time. in 1999 elections he contensted with bjp alliance.Post cargil war success it was clearly vajpayee wave. People are also voted for Telugu Desam Party.

Babu into Chief Minister office second time 1999 - 2004 with magic figure to form government.Till that every thing looks fair.Mean while Yedaguti Sandinti Rajashekar Reddy was making his own impression as strong opposition leader in assembly.Fighting against problems of the people.In 1999 elections when Babu became CM , YSR succeded in becoming strong opposition with 91 seats.Slowly congress getting improved in state headed by the leadership of YSR.Sonia also extended full support to YSR.

As Abraham lincoln says "if you want to test a person character you have to give him power".Power slowly changes the people.Chandra Babu is not an exception for this.Besides this there was drought in the state for consecutive 7 years.Things are getting changed with time.Meanwhile BJP was in support of formation of two states.But Babu strongly opposed as coaliation with BJP led NDA government.In 2000 congress party MLAs from telangana region started telangana agitation and formed Telangana Congress Legislators forum.YSR supported them.

In 2001 Kalvakunta Chandrashekar Rao (So called KCR) formed a party with ultimate goal of forming telangana state with Hyderabad as capital.He took the support of naxalites, youth, intellectuals from telangana.It is Telanga Rashtra Samiti.To come into power and defeating Chandra Babu Naidu as he is opposing telangana , TRS joined with congress.All of them are contested together in 2004 elections.Congress was supporting telangana before 2004 elections.

Post landslide victory of Congress alliance parties, congress got huge majority to form government.Congress formed government in state and central.Even though TRS got 4 MPs they could get 2 central ministers.In state also they joined in the government.Telanga people are elated with success of congress and as well as telangana.They expected development.It happened in other way.From 2004 to 2006 KCR is bound to delhi with supposed lobbying.Reciting telangana mantra in public meetings , president speech, sonia gandhi speech.He was minister with out portfolio for some time.He had more importance at Sonia Gandhi rather than YSR.He could get an appointment easy.

In between 2004 and 2006 slowly one by one MLA s from TRS started agitation against KCR.Revolted from TRS.In 2006 suddenly TRS withdrew the support from congress.KCR resigned to his parliament seat.Here gambling game starts.Contested in Karimnagar Parliament elections mentioning it as Referendum on telangana.He got victory with huge majority of 2 lakh votes.He got excited with this.Applied same technique one more time by resigning all TRS mlas 16  out of 26.Meanwhile YSR started implementing all public welfare schemes.When TRS resigned telangana congress leaders opposed him to contest in Telangana.But he took daring step and contested.Could succeed in 4 seats.This gave him morale boosting.TRS could get better voting percentage alone.

Again new turmoil in politics with plunge of Megastar chiranjeevi into politics.His foray created turblence in ruling party congress and opposition party Telugu Desam.Many leaders from Andhra telugu desam party quit and joined with Chiranjeevi's new party Praja Rajyam.A group of community which is reserved vote bank for congress was shifted to Praja Rajyam.So again political veterans YSR and CBN tried to stop this wave.Now TRS became the key player in Telangana.

Now ball is in KCR's TRS court.KCR has the option to choose congress, telugu desham , praja rajyam and BJP.As these are major parties in state and central.But as YSR already suppressed telangana factor and kept away KCR.So KCR was neglected by congress.Now KCR has two paths.One is with TDP Chandra babu Naidu and Praja Rajyam Chiranjeevi.This time BJP is looking for coalition with either of these two parties.Telangana factor is weakened with so called revolutionaries of trs and defeating in bi elections.Now He played hi drama with both parties.Finally Chandra babu voowed communists and trs. Grand alliance is formed.Alliance has only one common agenda to defeat YSR.Apart from that every one has their own agenda.
As from sources every one has their own agenda.

Communists has agenda of united andhra.
Chandra babu has agenda of becoming chief minister.
TRS has agenda of making deputy chief minister of his son.

Some monetary transactions took place.Prajarajyam is weakened in Telanga as not much impact in Telangana.Every party has moved away from BJP.BJP prime minister candidate L K Advani promised Telangana in 100 days after coming into power.

In between 2008 and 2009 Devender Goud who secures 2nd position in Telugu Desam party resigned and formed new party Nava Telangana Praja Party.Later renamed to  Nava Telangana Party.But it doesn't have major impact.As he enjoyed all highest posts in telugu desam.So people didn't trust him enough.So he merged with Praja Rajyam.

The alliance of trs with TDP was not digested by many telangana activists.Naxalites opposed it.Telangana intellectuals condemend.Telangana extremists and activists discontinued their support.Youth are moved to Praja Rajyam Party.TRS supremo KCR has brought his family son,  daughter, son-in-law s into Telanga movement.Each one of them is ready to contest either for assembly or parliament.Many leaders who carried flags lacked recognition.Ofcourse no party is exception for this.But I don't want to blame other parties as they are not movement based parties.Other way may be power based parties.When I am writing this post there is high drama is going on between seats sharing in grand alliance.

I have many doubts and questions of this telangana movement.

Is it burning telangana or burning telangana issue ?
Is it political unemployment of politicians ?
Is it for awakening people or making fools ?
Is it for benefit of telangana people or telangana politicians ?
Do we get telangana alone with politics and seats ?
Why these parties won't fight for telangana ?
How Andhra Pradesh formed because of fasting of potti sriramulu ?
Did any time these telanga parties fight for telangana issues ?
Why family members of leaders with posts in telangana parties ?
Do we just want telangana or do we have blue print for development ?
Why people don't vote for BJP when it supports telangana ?

I recall few incidents  and experiences which I never forgot in my life.

When TRS formed with single agenda of telangana one of my grand pas told " these all telangana parties just for politics.If telangana had come it would have happened in 1969.When Telangana Praja samiti founded by Marri  Chenna Reddy got 10 out of 11 lok sabha seats.He never had hope of forming telangana.Ofcourse he is no longer but his words echoed all the time".

One of my uncles who was at pinaccle of his career during telangana praja samithi movement.He actively participated in Jai Telangana agitation.He spoiled his career.

I had cousin who is very good observer of politics, wisdom in politics, education.He is governncesment teacher.But he is strong supporter of Telangana.In 2004 to 2008 whenever KCR / Narendra puts deadline for Telangana he was always day dreaming of telangana.Like that he was fooled for infinite times.Every time there is ray of hope for him when president mentions in his speech, something about telangana is mentioned in assembly.He was strongly believing telangana will be formed till end of 2008.I donno still he is in same trans.

I was staying with room mate who was from Vizag.He was mentioning that they had notion that telangana  people won't pay taxes.

Telanga people spend more money for boozing rather than any thing else.


Anonymous said...

Hey pal...nice observation..but I wish Telangana cld have had more powerful leaders than KCR...even I have roomies from andhra..sometimes I do feel that they feel telangana telugu is ridiculous...but they dnt know that Telangana unlike Andhra is a region ruled by emperors of different cultures and traditions..

JRC Sarma said...

Dear Traveling soldier,

I have one proposal regarding Telangana.

1. Please rename the Andhra Pradesh as Greater Telangana.

2. Let all our political leaders elect, KCR as the undisputed chief-Minister of Greater Telangana.

3. Let us watch, if he has any magic wand to make the people of Telangana 100% literate, bring all of them above poverty line, convert fallowed barren fields into flushing meadows...

4. If he succeeds, we will make him the Prime Minister poor India.

JRC Sarma said...

Dear Traveling soldier,

I have grown up listening to the song "మా తెనుగు తల్లికి మల్లెపూ దండ, మా కన్నా తల్లికి మంగళారతులు ...".

Are these self-centered politicians humans or vultures? They want to tare apart their mother and have lions share in the garb of "తెలుగు వారి మనుభావాలు".
Every time innocent and emotionally charged students and people fall prey to their guiles and wiles.

We soon will turn AP or TP into Pakistan or Afghanistan. We ourselves will ruin our economy, lives and die in in-fighting. We have forgotten the proverb "United we stand, divided we loose".

We remain poor spectators of "British Raj" or "Italian Mafia".

JRC Sarma said...

ఏడు కొండలవాడ వెంకటరమణ రక్షించు తండ్రి . మా పాలకులకు మంచి బుద్ధిని ప్రసాదించు స్వామి

JRC Sarma said...

Mr Chidambaram,

I understand your ploy to disintegrate the AP state.

If call two hoots for Unity, integrity and patriotism, you can go a step further in disintegrating the India and Indian identity.

As your birth day gift please give

1. J&K to Pakistan and China.
2. Punjab to Khalistan
3. Eastern states to China
4. WB to Bangaldesh
5. Pondy to French
5. Goa to Portugual...

This will make you and your Amma and everyone happy.

What an Idea Sirji!!!

JRC Sarma said...

Dear Chidambaramji,

If you go on dividing India into smaller pieces based on your vote bank convenience, history will repeat again.

Afghans, Turks will once again invade India. They will rule and ruin us for ever.

Please use common sense, if you have any.

subbagari said...

Jai Telangana Jai Jai Telangana....
Hyderabad is a part of Telangana....

JRC Sarma said...

Indian rulers even after 60 years of independence from the British, are unable to resolve basic problems faced by the Indian society.
1. Potable water
2. Electricity
3. Sanitation

Our progress is lopsided. We have so called world class Airports, surrounded by slums. We have SUVs and Mercs on India roads honking at hand drawn rickshaws. We have people roaming in designer clothes along side topless beggars on streets. Off late we have been boasting ourselves as software giants. But, we are a Lilliput in front of US or Europe. Do we have made in India OS?. Do we have our own application development language? It is unfortunate that our leaders believe in dividing India further, so that they and their clan can head the that particular segment for ever and fill their coffers in and around India.

May God give them better discretion to integrate India and not to split and spoil it.

JRC Sarma said...

Well Said

JRC Sarma said...

Well said

JRC Sarma said...

Well said

Anonymous said...

India opens Pandora's box over proposed new state

Anonymous said...

After Satyam, Telangana gives Brand Hyderabad a big jolt

JRC Sarma said...

Madam Soniaji,

Why the Guinness Book of World records has failed to recognize your rarest feat?

You have really cut the biggest cake for the last birthday.

Wish you you many more states in India left for your birthday celebrations.

True to the tradition, you lit the candle for birthday, but forgot to blow it off.

Your birthday candle has turned into a wild fire. The people of AP are burning. Passions are flared up.

Please douse it quickly before leaving to Alps for skiing.

JRC Sarma said...

With regard to fanned and fueled agitation in AP, I have a few questions to ask.

Is AP United or Untied?

Should passions be a criteria for our decision makers?

Are our leaders problem solvers or creators?

Who is the head of Indian Republic? Is it Sonia or Sardar?

Anonymous said...

Groping in 'Andhera' Pradesh

Anonymous said...

Telangana – Now a revolution, not just an agitation

Anonymous said...

" Telangana waley jago, Andhra waley bhago " - KCR (Qualities of a CoCo player)

JRC Sarma said...

The methods adopted by the politicians for and against Telangana; their absolute impudence towards the Rossianh's Government and their acerbic comments targeted against other communities and center's cold response to resolve the issue, the loss incurred by the state and private companies due to atrocities of unruly mobs, callous bundhs called by the so called peoples representatives, and other recent incidents in AP makes me sick of the politicians and my helplessness to fight it.

I request the Center to impose President’s rule immediately to put an end to the nuisance of the so called people’s representatives.

Strictly send instructions to all the local news channels to stop the telecast of any events and blah blah discussions of the problems rather than the solutions.

Firmly put an end to the Aurangzebs and Saddam Husseins emerging from AP.

Madam almighty Soniaji act and act firmly and quickly and bring solace to common man.

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